About Us

Your Souldier - Always on the lookout to inspire you and your conscious lifestyle. Getting to know the story behind (sustainable) brands & initiatives that were created to make this planet a better place. Sharing stories of people who make a difference. Showing inspiring talks that make us realize things are in fact possible. That's what we aim for: sharing true inspiration for a conscious life(style). Creating a shot of glorious inspiration every single day, because those are the healthiest shots by far.

Your Souldier was founded by Anneloes, both dreamer & optimist, mid-thirty, mother of two. Working as a youth coach with a holistic mindset, she always sees the same question surface time and again; why do you do the things you do? What moves you and what is your conscious approach? In finding a way to live a conscious life herself, Anneloes was always inspired by people who actually lived that way, with all sorts of different viewpoints on body, mind, soul ánd a better planet. In the end, finding your own conscious life you can only do on your own, but being inspired by others not only provides new insights, it also gives new energy. That's why Your Souldier was created - to share stories of inspiring people and their different views on a beautiful and conscious life.