What is it?

TED talk by Oliver Jeffers – An Ode to living on Earth

Why should we watch it?

In our hectic and materialistic lives, it’s a good idea to take a step back once in a while and see what we, people, are actually doing here on earth. That’s why we like this nicely illustrated talk by Oliver Jeffers. In a short talk, he looks at our planet as an object from space, explaining to his son what it actually is that we do here on earth. Looking at ‘us’ from a distance changes everything. It’s an ode to our planet, explaining what a miracle it is to even be alive and have the chance to actually live here for a while. We would have nothing without mother Earth. We used to look up to the stars, nowadays we pretty much only look down, to a little piece of technology called our phone. So enjoy this inspiring talk, and pretend listening to it whilst sitting on the moon.


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November 2020