“Being the change – that’s my mission.”


 Freedom Millionaire – that’s what Juliette Schraauwers calls herself. Not only longing for freedom for herself, but for the next generations as well. Having had her own sustainable branding company for ten years, Juliette decided three years ago it was time to do more with all of her ideas for a better world. Inspired by The Green School in Bali, Juliette decided to start something similar in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Creating the NOWSCHOOL – a school where the next generation creates its own sustainable future. Full of enthusiasm, passion and determination Juliette tells us what her goal is with her new project.

Tell us more about NOWSCHOOL

NOWSCHOOL is the regenerating co-learning space where children, teachers, parents and sustainable partners shape the future together. At NOWSCHOOL we learn to take care of ourselves, others and the earth, so that the earth can continue to take care of us. We believe that the best in every child is also the best for the world. That’s why we embrace the natural need of children for continuous learning, nurturing that living contributes to a thriving future in a sustainable way with a holistic approach. NOWSCHOOL teaches children to stand in their own strength and we believe that we can create a bright future in this way.



What inspired you to start NOWSCHOOL?

If I really go to my deepest soul and core – it’s because I’ve been telling myself for a long time that I don’t want to bring children into this world – for I see things going very wrong in all facets of life.
When I came to Green School in Bali I thought ‘Juliette, you’re a chronic optimist. Why not try to change the world yourself? ‘ My motto has always been Be The Change – so I have to start living that myself. I already did that in many other areas, but not yet when it comes to the next generation and being very conscious about it. So I was actually inspired by children I don’t have yet or hopefully will have one day.



In what way will children benefit from NOWSCHOOL compared to ‘normal’ schools?

The most important thing is learning freedom. In the current education system, kids are being prepared for economic growth – this is the result of the industrial revolution. The economic growth can no longer cope with the earth, the average Dutch person uses 3.3 earth per year instead of 1. So if the next generation wants to enjoy the earth in the long term – in order to flourish here happily – then we have to prepare them in another way. We teach the children to stay within the decisiveness of 1 earth, inspiring them to make a positive contribution. In this way, the child grows up in a pleasant and sustainable world, which he/she can shape himself – in order to fully enjoy it.


What’s NOWSCHOOLs’ mission?

My biggest mission right now is to teach people to take care of the earth again, to take care of themselves ánd others. Our biggest challenge is that we need to start seeing ourselves as part of the bigger picture of the ecosystem – that everything is one. My mission is to do that – so people will restore their living environment ánd the world, both on a small and large scale. That’s what I do it for.



Shared by Your Souldier
January 2021