“Bikes and flowers can literally save the world.”

The Flower Bike Man

Anyone who has been to Amsterdam, must have seen them. The Flower Bikes created by Warren Gregory, aka The Flower Bike Man. These amazing, colourful bikes automatically put a smile on your face. Good thing that’s one of Warren’s missions – to sell smiles free of charge for he believes we can all compensate the negative energies everyday. Warren shares with us why he started decorating his first bike many years ago.

What inspired you to start making these flower bikes?

Well, it should not be a secret Amsterdam inspired my bikes. However it was because my wife Michelle kept losing hers at central station. I made the first one 18 years ago for her. She suffers epilepsy and her career was cut short here long ago. We returned to Florida USA. There she was getting lost in her own town. So I used decorative bikes to mark her way.

What do you hope to give people when they look at your bikes?

Apparently, people liked the idea of the flower bikes and in 18 years I’ve made over 300 different varieties.  From computers to seashells, crab traps, records, anything . Now I see what people are loving about what I do. It was never meant for others but now I accept it. I realized people are happier from them so I cannot stop.

What are you most proud of?

Michelle cannot come outside much anymore, she cannot remember much of her life . Everyday she loses more. What I’m most proud of is I know Amsterdam will never forget My Michelle.

So now you know why I do what I do. Love is why.

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Pics Warren Gregory
April 2021