‘Creating products that sparkle the imagination.’


Studio Roof

Treasures for your home – that’s exactly what Studio Roof has to offer. We were amazed by the colourful wall decorations Studio Roof makes. Not only are they beautifully decorated, they are ecofriendly, made out of recycled cardboards. We were able to ask founder Romy a few questions on what inspired her to start Studio Roof.


What is Studio Roof, who started it?

It was started by myself and my husband Ilya 15 years ago when the children were still very small. The first product we launched was a big cardboard house for children to decorate and play with.


Why did you start Studio Roof, what inspired you?

Our children and the imagination of play. It started as a project but since we had so many wonderful reactions and feedback we decided to follow through and come with many more imaginative and eco friendly designs.



In what way does Studio Roof contribute to a better planet?

Our products are sustainable. Made of recycled cardboards and printed with vegetable inks. We reduce packaging and waste wherever we can. We try to travel less, but as we attend international trade shows we sometimes need to travel by airplane. We compensate our CO2 emissions by donating a substantial fee to ‘treesforall’ to plant more trees We donate 5% of the sales of our Christmas products to Karm Marg, a home for children in need in India.You can find more information about this home on our website –

What are you most proud of?

To be able to create products that sparkle the imagination and we are very grateful for the appreciation of the people that buy our products.



Do you have any advice or tips for young entrepeneurs who want to start a (sustainable/ecofriendly) brand?

Follow your heart, follow your intuition,  do only what you believe in yourself.

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Pics: Studio Roof
July 2020