Inner Spark

The daily life of many young women can be overwhelming. Coping with careers, family, friends, children can feel like a sacrifice. According to psychologist, yoga- and mindfulness teacher Kristin Vikjord there is a way to refind your happiness, her so called Inner Spark. In her inspiring, recognizable and often hilarious book she describes what you can do to embrace this fase of your life. Making you feel lighter and free, making you realize you cán actually find true happines in this part of your life. We were able to ask Kristin a few questions about her book.


What inspired you to write Inner Spark?

 My own situation! It started after my oldest boy was born, I felt my inner spark was missing. That was why I wanted to put things on paper. Not only for myself, but also for my patients, because these are the things that I work with. So basically, it’s that moment when you have an awareness like ‘I don’t feel much like myself’ or ‘Is this it?’.
You notice that something’s a little bit off. It was a moment that made me want to write the words down on paper.



In what way will Inner Spark make a difference for young women regarding their hectic life?

I hope it will give them the realisation that they don’t have to do everything at the same time. Perhaps also giving them the permission to lower their standards  in the sense of the perfectionism that we live in. Making them see  that’s just the framework and that they don’t have to keep pushing themselves to the furthest in everything that they do. Taking moments to stop – not only by being kind to themselves but also by having social time or doing fun stuff.



You recommend 8 recipes for wellbeing and there are many practices and observations your reader can work with. To begin with, what are three items you believe everyone should work on each day?

Being kind to yourself

Being patient

Being social

These three are super important!


It has taken you a few years to write Inner Spark. What are you most proud of?

That I was able to finish it! When I started writing I didn’t think I would write a book that would be published. I dared to put my thoughts and words on paper and I wrote down many things. When I got a book deal, I started to decide what was actually going to be in the book – the proces was more structured and I knew exactly what I wanted to be in it. I’m proud that I managed to do it – in a way, I wrote it as a reminder for myself. I hope the book will be useful to many (young) ladies out there and that they will pick it up once in a while and remind themselves of what can help them finding that Inner Spark. 




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Pics: Kristin Vikjord
October 2020