Tenue de Soleil

What better way for children to not be able to get a sunburn at all? Dermatologist Dr Daniel Kadouch wanted to not only prevent his three children from a sunburn, he wanted to do something for all children at the beach. Tenue de Soleil was what he created – great looking UV – protective swimwear for kids.  Find out what inspired him to do so.


What is Tenue de Soleil?

 Founded by dermatologist Dr Daniel Kadouch, Tenue de Soleil helps children outsmart the sun by creating sustainable UV-protective swimwear. An Amsterdam based brand with a mission to champion children’s skin care, protect future generations and promote a sun smart culture. Good for your kids and good for our planet.

What inspired Dr Daniel Kadouch to start Tenue de Soleil?

As a dermatologist with a PhD in the field of skin cancer, Dr Daniel Kadouch sees the increasing number of skin cancer cases in his daily dermatology practice. And he knows, as a father and as a dermatologist, that excessive exposure to the sun at a young age significantly increases the risk of skin cancer for later. This made him decide that he wants to do more than contribute to treatment, but instead tackle the problem at the cause.

In what way does Tenue de Soleil contribute to a better planet?

Everything Tenue de Soleil does is to ensure the safety of children and the environment they play in. The sun protection swimwear from Tenue de Soleil has a UPF50 + protection and thus offers the highest possible protection against the sun. It has been expertly designed to offer the best balance of coverage and comfort for safe play in the sun.  We’re also committed to sustainability, which is why our swimwear is made out of Italian ECONYL® regenerated nylon and everything is produced in Europe.

What are you most proud of?

We sincerely believe that our focus on quality has led to the proud parents that are sending us pictures of their happy kids outsmarting the sun with their Tenue de Soleil. By combining super durable quality with timeless designs, we hope that our swimwear can be passed down from child to child, further extending the life of each piece.



Do you have any advice or tips for young entrepeneurs who want to start a (sustainable) brand?

Design a solid brand essence document and use sustainability as one of the core values. That’s a great start. Use focus and connect with like minded positive people, and all goals can be achieved.


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July 2020