‘I had to get serious about cleaning up my lifestyle.’

Cacao Pow Deo Bar

Consciously chosing what you put in or on your body – more and more people are becoming aware of what the positive affects are. Tonya O’Hara from the UK decided to create her own natural deodorant once she found out what the ingredients were in the deodorant she was using. Find out what made her decide to do so and what the impact was on her health.

What inspired you to start Cacao Pow Deo Bar?

More than a decade ago now I developed eczema in my armpit area and at around about the same time I was diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia. After carrying out a HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) I found out I had elevated levels of aluminium in my body which I wasn’t eliminating well. I had to get serious about cleaning up my lifestyle. I ditched the aluminium anti-perspirant and went on a quest to find a suitable natural deodorant. Every time I tried a new one it either wasn’t effective or made me sore in new ways. I decided to experiment with my own formula and after many tweaks arrived at something that was perfect for me. It turned out lots of my friends also had similar issues, so I started supplying them with my deodorant and it snowballed from there.

In what way does Cacao Pow Deo Bar contribute to the wellbeing of its customers?

We use an organic cacao butter which is 100% organic. We have also eradicated the need for essential oils by sourcing an amazingly aromatic cacao butter. Many people are not aware that essential oils do contain allergens which can be problematic for sensitive individuals. It’s also a bicarb formula which is very alkalising to the body.


What are you most proud of?

After leaving a 15 year teaching career, taking a leap of faith to build a business from scratch.



Do you have any advice for young entrepeneurs who want to start their own (conscious) brand?

Can you deliver a product or service in a way that no one else is doing – what are your unique selling points? Get clear on your values and make this your company’s ethos through every action you take. Authenticity is key in today’s market, focus on genuine customer engagement, organic reach and transparency.



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Aug 2020