“I want to inspire people to live in the now.”

Amy Maye Art

An eye-catcher without asking too much attention. That’s what Amy Maye Art radiates. Fortunately, that’s exactly Amy’s intention because her art is created to let people pause for a moment in the here and now. To find that peace and tranquility for a while. Amy tells us more about her beautiful work.


What inspired you to start Amy Maye Art?

 I’ve actually been creative all my life. I come from a creative family and have always been stimulated by art, culture and looking at certain things differently. In my eventual career it’s therefor that I ended up as a creative. I work as a creative for different brands and content campaigns. My strength really lies in the concept of thinking and building something I believe in. In the past I have had my own jewelry brand (SHE HAS A GUN) and introduced a healthy snack to the market: SUPERBITE. I have always believed that in my life some ideas would come my way and one of them would be the one. One that brings me happiness in every way. But above all, a this feels right feeling, where everything just flows. I was always painting and when I decided to make something nice for myself on the wall, I got so much positive feedback, I thought: I’m going for it. Because something that I experience in my job as a creative is that you are always busy in your head. I’m always thinking. Thinking Thinking Thinking. And that is so tiring. Nice, but exhausting. When I make my art I am doing… and above all, not thinking. It comes naturally. And that is a magical way of living.



What do you want your work to radiate?

Peace, calmness, take a breath, stand still and enjoy it now . My paintings are not striking. They ‘blend’ into the environment. They radiate tranquility but compliment an interior. That is what I want to radiate with my art: your own little moment of peace.



Why is it important for you to inspire people to live in the now?

Because now is the moment when ultimate happiness, contentment and tranquility is experienced. The name for my art is AMY MAYE, Amy is my own name and Maye is my daughter’s. For a reason, because she is the inspiration of everything, but she also ensures that when I’m with her, I fully live in the moment, in the now. That’s when I’m ultimately happy. No worries, no stress, no one who wants anything from me, just her and me. Together. And I also experience that with my art. Just me and the canvas. Such a wonderful feeling.



You recently started, what are you most proud of so far?

Well, I am especially proud that I just did it! As with basically everything, I just dived into it headfirst. Without a plan, but also without fear. I’m especially very proud of that. I firmly believe that you can write your own future. I’ve struggled with that for a long time, but through the past few months, and by what has already been manifested through a positive and can do mindset, I have full confidence that my ideal future will come to me step by step.



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Pics Amy Maye Art
March 2021