‘Inspiring women to live from their soul, that’s our mission.’

The Spirit Junkies

Two minds – one awesome mission: (re)connecting women with their spiritual side without any shame. The two dutchies Floortje and Imke started The Spirit Junkies to inspire women on their spiritual journey , wanting to take away the taboo regarding the spiritual world. We wanted to know more and got to ask these two ladies a couple of questions.


Who are The Spirit Junkies?

We, Floortje & Imke, joined forces, love and creativity to connect spiritual workers with women who want to live a more spiritual life. There’s a taboo on the spiritual world, with The Spirit Junkies we try to take that away.



What inspired you to start The Spirit Junkies?

We’re here on earth with a mission. We felt now was the time to do something with ours. Together on a new adventure being able to join our forces, doing with we love and what we feel needs to be done.


In what way do The Spirit Junkies contribute to the wellbeing
of its customers & followers?

We try to inspire our customers & followers daily to truly live the life they want to live, to live a life from their soul. Without any fear, shame or taboo. We also sell authentic products that support this process, like crystals, healing stones and night lights – for both women and children.



What are you most proud of?

We’re very proud of the transformation our followers went through. We’re receiving so many lovely emails of women who, because of our messages, are living a more conscious life. Women who are not afraid and ashamed any more to walk their true spiritual path. We’re also proud and excited about the fact that we’re soon launching our very own oil including diffusers. Developing products that match our vision and brand makes us incredibly happy.

Do you have any advice or tips for young entrepeneurs who want to start their own (conscious) brand?

Our advice is: DO IT! Really, don’t let fear lead the way. If you’re doing what feels good for you and what truely fits you, the rest will follow.



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September 2020