“Let’s clear up all this human made mess TOGETHER.”

BHASSEXPLORE & The #greensockmovement

Sometimes you come along projects that just immediately grab your attention – BHASSEXPLORE is one of them. BHASSEXPLORE stands for Beachy Head and Seven Sisters – in their own words ‘a cooperative, a collective, a foundation with the sole purpose of removing as much plastic and man-made debris and junk from, what should be, the pristine and absolutely amazing, iconic and stunning coastal habitat’ of the UK.  With the greatest smile ánd dedication, founder Norm, aka WarmNorm, recently introduced the #greensockmovement.


Tell us more about BHASSEXPLORE & the #greensockmovement

We are using the beautifully rugged and stunningly iconic coastline of beachy head and the seven sisters to showcase just what a collective cooperative of environmentally conscious individuals can achieve despite the current situation and the daunting size of the task in front of us. l really hope that by looking at our project others will be inspired to further their efforts to use less plastic and also endeavour to clear up all the sythetic materials that proliferate all over this world.


What inspired you to start BHASSEXPORE and the #greensockmovement?

I was inspired to start this organisation and movement because of the absolutely shocking amount of garbage that has built up over the past forty plus years at this important and sensitive remote location and the realisation that if it was not removed now, it would be slowly decaying and breaking down back into the marine environment over the next five hundred years or more – causing significant harm to all the living creatures and ecosystems that exist in our oceans.



In what way does your initiative contribute to a better planet?

The BHASSEXPLORE project and the #greensockmovement will hopefully continue to remove tonnes of plastic trash from these habitats and inspire others who share this earth to do the same wherever they are and whatever their capabilities.



What are you most proud of so far?

l’m really proud and pleased to have been joined by an extraordinary, growing band of people who are prepared to give their time and skills freely to help tackle this shocking problem.



What’s your mission?

Our ongoing mission is for this movement to continue to grow globally to encourage others to help add to the work already done by so many and that the BHASSEXPLORE #greensockmovement template will demonstrate that clearing up all this human made mess can be fun and be beneficial for the planet and all the living things upon it and all those that participate in these activities – lets clear up all this mess TOGETHER -one plastic object at a time and prevent further damage and build up of synthetic materials in our shared paradise.


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Pics @bhassexplore & @ warm_norm
October 2020