“Let’s make the world bloom again.”

Marie Bee Bloom

Creating mouth masks that contribute to a better world – with that thought Marianne de Groot woke up one morning. It was not just an idea because Marie Bee Bloom is now a fact. 100% biodegradable masks with flower seeds inside. Her goal? To let the world bloom again.


What inspired you to make these mouth masks?

For years I, and many with me, have been disturbed by the plastic soup in the ocean. And not just there, when you walk down the street – you run into rubbish everywhere. Beaches full of plastic – an awful sight. I have enjoyed working as a graphic designer for 20 years and I am aware that some of my print works might also be in that ocean. I thought – maybe it’s time I started using my creativity for a better world. In October I woke up with the idea of making these mouth masks. Finally after a few months I decided to just do it, with Marie Bee Bloom as a result.



How do these masks contribute to a better world?

I started thinking- let’s do something for the bees that are really needed for biodiversity. Let’s make the world bloom again and do something with this crisis situation. This will bring back the balance. Perhaps that’s the idea behind it – we are all disconnected from the nature in which we live. Some people actually call me with the question if they put this mouth mask in the ground today whether a large field bouquet will come out tomorrow. Funny, but also terrifying! We are no longer┬áconnected with nature and that is also the message – we are part of a larger whole and we need to take better care of it. So at a time when we all have to wear a face mask, I thought, how can we turn that into something good. It’s just a bit of awareness – let’s see together how beautiful nature is, what it gives us and what we can do ourselves.


How often can the masks be worn?

You cannot wash or iron the mask and it must eventually be thrown away. Officially it can be worn once, it remains a disposable mouth mask. In this case it is about a face mask with a story to help nature. There are people who wear it once, others wear it more often.



What is your mission with Marie Bee Bloom?

Making people aware that we are one with nature. By looking at something in a different way, you come up with ideas that are fun and with which you can help the world move forward. If you are really convinced of an idea, do it! 9 times out of 10 it can fail, but not that one time! Guts are always rewarded. Of course things are going to fail, but the guts underneath are always positive.


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Pics Marie Bee Bloom
March 2021