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The Socialbox

Nowadays, it seems we can’t get through a normal conversation without someone looking at their phone at least 3 times a minute. Losing focus and interest in what’s actually right in front of us. The two dutchies Evert-Jan and Lobke thought it was time to do something about it and created The Socialbox – a nicely designed box for your phone so you won’t be able to grab it all the time. Best part – the box comes with a tea light to create an extra calm vibe.


What inspired you to start The Socialbox?

Evert-Jan and I started The Socialbox a couple of years ago. We were visiting my grandmother for her birthday and we were confronted by the fact that almost everyone was staring at their phone. We were shocked and thought something has to be done. Where’s the actual social contact? Where is the real attention for eachother and for ourselves? More and more it becomes clear what the negative effects are of using our smartphone. We wanted to do something about it. Making ourselves and others become more conscious of how to manage our phones. Without our phones we live more, see more, become more creative, enjoy nice and meaningful conversations, without constantly being overwhelmed. That’s why we started the Socialbox.



In what way will The Socialbox contribute to the wellbeing of people?

By making a product that’s created especially for your phone, you automatically make the user more conscious of how much impact it has. It’s not the same as just putting your phone away in a drawer.

We turn it into a ritual. Putting your phone away with full attention creates peace – you’re taking back control. No more unconsciously grabbing your phone to open the same app at least 3 times. No, by placing a tea light on the lid you consciously choose to take your phone out. You’ll notice that you’ll think twice before you take it out, asking yourself do I really need my phone right now? Or is it  my addiction? Can I enjoy the peace and quiet just a little longer? The Socialbox really wants to raise awareness. Thinking about what it is you’re doing and taking back control. Phone addiction is a much bigger problem than we think. Especially for the younger generations who are dealing with depression, social pressure, loneliness and insecurity by what it is they get to see everyday. Besides, the amount of information is causing restlessness and stress.



What’s your ultimate goal with The Socialbox?

To make offline cool again! Our ultimate goal is that people start living their own life again instead of letting a small device decide what kind of life they live. We hope that the Socialbox will be popular throughout The Netherlands & Europe and people will experience its benefits.

We want to keep on developing. We’re also working on radiation free phone cases for when you’re going out. This way, while on the road, at work or while taking a walk, you can consciously choose to go offline. We have big plans still to come but unfortunately we can’t share everything. But think of a Socialbox, not designed for your phone but for you.



What are you most proud of so far?

Everytime we write a little personal note attached to an order, it makes us proud and grateful. In the last two years, we have had many nice orders – giving us loads of energy! Besides that, we’re proud of the steps we’re making. From designing the products to developing new products like the Socialbox made by ceramic and the phone sleaves that are coming. We’re also proud of our perseverance – sticking to our plan. When we started people would tell us – why not just put your phone away, why need a box? It motivated us to keep on going. Because we believe in the Socialbox – and lots of other people do. Those people and magazines that wrote about us shows that there’s a need for the Socialbox.



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November 2020