“Our goal with rewritable stonepaper? To create as much nature as possible.”

MOYU Notebooks

Ever feeling guilty about all the paper you’re still using daily? But finding it hard to fully get into taking notes on your screen? Founders Roel Schatorje & Paul Sintnicolaas of MOYU Notebooks found the solution to our problem! They created notebooks that allow you to take as many notes as possible. How? By making their notebooks from stonepaper – making it able for you to rewrite at least 500 times! We wanted to know more and asked Roel what they hope to achieve with their impressive sustainable startup.


What inspired you to start MOYU Notebooks?

Oke I’ve got 2 answers to this, which are both true, but from a different perspective:

1. In my work as a banker I got frustrated about all the paper I used. Taking notes in meetings, little to-do’s on my desk. But most of these notes I would throw away at the end of the day. I either digitalized them or didn’t need them anymore. We are talking a lot about single-use plastics because the plastic soup is so visible, however, single-use paper or wood is something not many people talk about. Which is actually pretty strange, since the paper industry is 3 times more polluting than the whole flying industry. So I thought there should be a solution. Something that gives me the advantage of writing on paper (quick, creative, flexible), but without harming the environment. We are overconsuming almost everything, while there are many solutions that are made to last. Rewritable stonepaper is one of those solutions.

2. The love for nature. Everyday I heard news that worried me about how we are treating our planet and I thought: I want to be part of the solution. Nature has this extreme beauty that a lot of people stopped appreciating because of their busy lives. Also, I think that we as humanity have gotten completely disconnected from nature – we see ourselves as separate from it – therefore it also doesn’t hurt us if we do any harm to our environment. However, I feel that we are in this wave of reconnecting with nature, and this is the perfect time to start appreciating nature again and even create new nature to boost essential ecosystems. With our products we hope to inspire people to fall in love with nature again.



In what way do your notebooks contribute to a better planet?

In 3 direct ways and hopefully 1 indirect:

1. It’s made of sustainable stonepaper, which is produced without cutting down trees, without using a single drop of water or bleach and this whole production process only requires a very small amount of the energy needed for the production of regular paper. On top of that, stonepaper has a Cradle To Cradle Silver Certificate which means it can be recycled and reused. The recycling process of regular paper needs a lot of water and energy, and is therefore not a sustainable option nor solution.

2. The notebook comes with an erasable pen and cleaning cloth, which makes the notebook erasable and rewritable. The high quality of the stonepaper makes erasing the ink on it very easy to do and no spots or stains will remain on the paper. Due to the high quality every page can be rewritten over 500 times.

3. For every notebook sold we plant a tree. We are inventing and working on new ways to involve our customers with our tree planting projects and other ways to create new nature. Our goal is to create as much nature as possible.

4. Hopefully it can also be a communication tool that indirectly makes people rethink their consumption. The notebook is an ideal gift with a special story behind it and we hope to spread this story all around the globe.


What’s your mission with MOYU Notebooks?

Fight paper waste in order to save and re-create our natural world and its’ unique eco-systems.

What are you most proud of so far?

We have a super high customer satisfaction rating because although we are often compared to other erasable notebooks, our writing and erasing experience is completely different. Many people  have tried other brands’ erasable notebooks but they weren’t happy about these products. Then they tried our products and noticed a big difference (in the best possible way!).  On top of that I’m also super proud of the team we work with. Everybody loves what we’re doing and what we’re striving for. Designing beautiful products for a greener world. For some reason, it makes me happy that as a young group of people (I’m the oldie, 30 years), we’re so motivated and we’re doing this with so much passion. It’s cool to have this shared dream and make it come true together.
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November 2020