“Our purpose is to use our gifts to improve the lives of others.”


Sharing a huge desire for justice, entrepeneurs Judith and Janneke changed their career to do what they thought was really needed for a better planet. They quit their jobs and started their own sustainable  fashion label. From both Jakarta and The Netherlands, they design amazing looking and conscious clothes for women. Time to find out more!

What is J-LAB3L?

J-LAB3L is a fair and sustainable fashion label for women. It was founded by Janneke Honings and Judith van der Wolde, a former jurist and lawyer. We take justice enthusiastically to the next level.  We have launched our fashion label and webshop in July 2018, exactly ten years after meeting eachother in Jakarta, Indonesia.



Why did you start J-LAB3L what inspired you?

We both love fashion and we have a huge desire to make the world a better place. Looking at the available fair and sustainable brands a few years ago, we wanted to add something to the available options. We value ethical production, organic and sustainable materials and fair working conditions in the supply chain. Every day we take responsibility for our role in the fashion system.



In what way does J-LAB3L contribute to a better planet?

J-LAB3L offers fashion, while paying the makers who work under safe circumstances a fair wage while working under good circumstances. Besides that J-LAB3L strives to produce in a sustainable way, with sustainable materials. Each person involved with our products is treated with respect, works in a safe environment and receives a living wage.  We use eco-friendly fibers like organic cotton, FSC Viscose and kapok and we upcycle by using dead stock fabrics. Our fabrics are Oeko Tex certified and we keep on opting and learning for the best available sustainable fabrics out there.

What are you most proud of?

That we managed to come this far, with no knowledge and background in fashion. The road was never easy but we still believe in our dream and we are working hard towards more succes and a bigger impact in the industry.



Do you have any advice or tips for young entrepeneurs who want to start a (sustainable) brand?

 Follow your dreams, have a clear vision, learn along the way and never expect things to go by itself. You need work very hard and be persevere all the way up to succes. Do not lose sight of your dreams.




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Pics – J-LAB3L
July 2020