“Replacing mass production with products you will fall in love with!”

Masters & Crafters

A match made in sustainable heaven. Sharing your dream idea with designers, craftsmen and other creative hard workers who can’t wait to start with your project. Jeanne van der Zee created online platform Masters & Crafters, matching  customers and makers for products that can be bought or that are yet to be designed. Her goal? Making handmade products popular again, for honest chances and a more sustainable planet.
We asked Jeanne more about her awesome initiative.


What inspired you to start Masters & Crafters?

The Masters & Crafters idea came to fruition, when I started sharing the making process with my customers who visited me in my ceramics studio. Because they were able to tell their ideas and I sent them pictures during the making process they witnessed their idea coming to life. Once the product was finished and people picked it up, I was able to see big smiles on their faces! That is when I realized again and again that handmade products, in other words; products made with love and a story, bring joy and more people should know about this. The idea for Masters & Crafters was born.

At that time we only had plans to build a search engine to find makers that make custom work. When the container spill disaster on the North Sea happened, we decided to have a marketplace for handmade goods on our website as well. We thought it was important that customers had the option to buy products locally and online as an alternatie for mass production. Makers don’t have big supply chains, there’s no middle man that needs stock to present in their shop and the maker can produce from demand.



Why should people choose handcrafted products over mass production?

At Masters & Crafters, we believe that customers should decide what a product should look like and which (sustainable) materials should be used! We believe that if products are made with love, thought and care, they have better quality. If a handmade good breaks, it often can be fixed. And you want it to be fixed, because you love your item! We hope to encourage people in Europe (and worldwide) to replace mass production with products they will fall in love with – lasting a lifetime. We believe making people the c0-designers of products helps to reconsider our consumption society, making us more conscious buyers.



What are you most proud of so far?

The support we get from within our community and the way the makers work together even before we’ve had our big launch. Our makers are very passionate about their work and they share this love for their craftsmanship with other makers. They’re not thinking in competing but in working together. They work on projects together or inspire each other if there are questions.
It was a long way to build this quite complicated website from scratch (no templates!), to see it working and matching consumers and makers makes it worth all the effort!

What’s Masters & Crafters’ mission?

We want to make hand & custom made as populair as it used to be. Handmade should be a normal option in the heads of consumers.

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November 2020