‘The world is asking a question, and it needs an answer.’



Italian chic and a guilt-free conscience? We like it! How about great looking sneakers, all hand made using authentic techniques that blend tradition and technology. Every pair of sneakers has a unique code (see pic). Best part, for every pair of sneakers you buy, a tree is planted in Kenya. We were impressed and had the honor to ask this inspiring brand a few questions.


What is Yatay?

Yatay gives its name to Butia Yatay, a single-stemmed, evergreen plant . Our founder fell in love with it, even for his being palindrome. As you can see every Yatay collection is palindrome (Neven, Irori). 

Who founded Yatay,  what or who was their inspiration?

Umberto De Marco, President of Coronet SPA (company which has been a leader in the synthetic footwear industry for over 50 years) + CEO & Founder of YATAY (Luxury Sustainable Sneaker brand). The fashion industry must strive to improve its impact on the environment. At Yatay we sought to create shoes that embrace the environment through ethical practices and innovation. Every Yatay is cruelty free, lightweight, and breathable, with all the quality of Italian-made footwear. At the following link you can get all the details you need to deepen the argument


In what way does Yatay contribute to a better planet?

Each pair has its own unique code. The code – found on the heel of each Yatay – is your key to all of Yatay’s environmental commitments that go beyond simply making sustainable shoes. Planting trees is the most effective way to completely neutralize the CO2 footprint of each pair of Yatay we make. With your unique code you can help us. We will also take care of your old Yatay, so that the sole can be recycled and the remaining components sustainably disposed of. We are teaming up with Italian NGO Retake to get this job done and help communities in the process. Find out more –

Do you have any advice or tips for young entrepreneurs who want to start a (sustainable) brand?

The world is asking a question, and it needs an answer. Whether it be upcycling, reducing emissions, or clearing the ocean, the industry is providing many solutions – each more innovative and sustainable than the last. But this is just the beginning. To create fundamental change, we need to marry passion for fashion with a keenness for greenness.



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June 2020