“There are millions in my brain bank account – that’s why I’m the richest person alive.”

The Slow Five with Juliette Schraauwers

Entrepreneurial, driven, full of passion and a true optimist – that’s Juliette Schraauwers. She calls herself Freedom Millionaire – always looking for freedom ánd a fair world. For over ten years, Juliette has been running her own Branding Agency Brand It Forward – branding for sustainable and social brands. Juliette is currently setting up the NOWSCHOOL – a school where children learn how they can build a sustainable world. We’re impressed by her perseverance and goals – reason enough for us to ask Juliette what her vision on a conscious life is, our so called
Slow Five.

What is your general idea of a conscious lifestyle?

In a world that works overtime, it is very nice for me to live according to the rhythm of nature. Your body contains all internal clocks and nature contains all external clocks. Because of our inventions such as artificial light, computers, cars, etc., we live further and further from this natural rhythm. Nature, including our body, contains enormous intelligence. For example, the birds start to whistle in the morning and the petals unfold, also in our body organs are active or at rest, spread over 24 hours.

In what way do you live a conscious life regarding body, mind & soul?

I consciously try to attune my life to this natural rhythm within myself and the natural rhythm with which I am connected. For example, I use the same cycle every 24 hours so that my body experiences rest and moves with that rhythm. For example, I wake up at the same time every day and I get tired around the same time in the evening, just to name two very simple things. My body, mind & soul are therefore part of nature. ‘The River is me and I am the river’ as the Maori saying so beautifully puts it. We are all one and you can decide to fight or go along with it. I’m also very aware of my mindset and how I live my life. I believe that you can make or break your life with your own mindset. What you believe about yourself is what you eventually become. You can believe that you cannot do anything because you’re disappointed time and time again, or you choose to believe in yourself and act that way. Your mind is such a powerful tool. You can even fool your brain; if you imagine that you’re in a car accident, your brain has a very hard time discerning whether it is real or fake – so your brain takes it as the truth. The same goes for positive things, if you pretend to be something you want to become, you are fooling your brain and your brain is already getting used to that idea. Your brain is extremely neuroplastic and always able to make new connections. That’s why I invest a lot in my mindset, there are millions in my brain bank account and that’s why I feel like the richest person alive.



In what way do you lead a conscious life in caring for the planet?

I try to think eco-systemically in all my choices. If I do this, what impact will I make with it. I do this consciously in many things of my life. For example, I’m building a sustainable and healthy house, I run a Branding Agency for Sustainable & Social brands, I’m actively committed to setting up a sustainable school in the Netherlands and I vlog about my life lessons and insights every day. At the moment, the average person uses 3.3 Earths instead of staying within the carrying capacity of 1 Earth. With all its consequences. That is why it is my personal mission to teach people to take care of themselves, others and the Earth, so that the Earth can also take care of us. I’m not perfect either, because I still use 1.4 earths, but at least I do everything I can to accelerate the sustainable transition.

Who or what has always been a great source of inspiration for you?

This is really a very difficult question. I get inspired by many different people, from Jane Goodall to Simon Sinek, Tim Ferris, Tony Robins and Oprah Winfrey. I think music unconsciously inspires me even more like Erykah Badu, I listen to music all day long and I am always looking for new music to enrich my soul. Funny enough, I don’t easily remember ‘lyrics’ from books or articles, but there are a lot of songs that I can sing along from front to back. They last and become part of my being. I live music.



What kind of person do you hope you will have become once
you will look back on your life?

I will probably no longer live in the Netherlands in 40 years from now. My ambitions for the Netherlands are still too big to leave. First I want to add a lot of value in the Netherlands. Looking back,  I will hopefully have set up a NOWSCHOOL together with a great team in every province. I paid off my mortgage in a repair, leaving my hands free to think along with other business concepts that make the world more sustainable and better. I travel the world in a sustainable (CO2) neutral way in search of sustainable initiatives and I share this knowledge in other places in the world.

I hope I have made tremendous contribution and value to a more holistic world. In which the new generation grew up from conscious thinking and acting.


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January 2021