‘There’s no better time than now for more eco brands.’

Megan Collins Jewellery

Simplicity. Nature. Eco friendly. These are a few features by which Megan Collins is inspired. Originally from South Africa, she is now based in London with her design studio – creating beautiful jewellery with simplicity in mind. Megan is inspired by natural forms – often reflecting to her South African heritage.


Tell us more about Megan Collins Jewellery

Megan Collins Jewellery is designed with the elegance of simplicity in mind. Key features found throughout the designs are symmetry, balance, simplicity, contrast, and smooth curves, reflecting a modern affiliation towards effortless beauty. Combinations of natural and architectural forms are found within the pieces, reflecting the undeniable connection between the two. Each piece is lovingly handmade in Megan’s London studio.



In what way does your conscious lifestyle influence your way of working and the designs you create?

Growing up in a very rural setting in a small village called Hogsback in South Africa, I feel that I have always had a strong connection with my surroundings and felt a strong care of duty towards looking after it. This has definitely influenced the way I work and my choice of recycled materials. I use eco-friendly methods of production, recycled silver and gold and use sustainable packaging. The designs I create are inspired by nature, but then the shapes are abstracted to form clean minimal geometries.



What are you most proud of?

Following my heart and taking the initiative to do a jewellery course and start my own business in London – place I felt very intimidated by at first, coming from a small village and all.



Do you have any advice or tips for young entrepeneurs who want to start a (conscious) brand?

Just do it! If you are passionate about it, you can do anything you put your mind to. As the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” I truly believe this! There is no better time than now for more eco brands. It’s what we have been waiting for for way too long. The time of fast fashion and throw away culture needs to move aside for a more ecologically sound alternative. So if you identify a problem that can be solved with a more sustainable alternative, I strongly encourage you to go for it!



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Aug 2020