“Visualizing the state of flow.”

Studio Trev

Fortunately, Covid has not necessarily been a bad experience for everyone. Trevor Humphres decided it was time to do something with the creativity that he always knew he had, but ‘just never took the time’ to actually use it. Born and raised in Colorado, he moved to the Dutch coast last year for love. Due to Covid his job as a snowboard and mountainbike coach no longer existed, so Trevor decided it was time to use his creativity again. Good thing, because Trevor has been making the nicest prints the last few months.


What inspired you to start making your prints?

I have always been a creative person – ever since I was young I was constantly creating things. I was either drawing or building snowboard parks in my backyard. Around my twenties I was really focussed on sports – I loved to mountainbike & snowboard and that took priority over my creative side. The only time I created stuff was when I was injured – not being able to bike or board. The last couple of years, however, I noticed that I  my creative side slipped into the background. I knew it was in me and that I wanted to use it again, but I couldn’t find the right moment. And then there was Covid…. a terrible thing for many, but for me it had a sort of beauty behind it. When there’s nothing else in life but its darkest parts, really beautiful things can surface. For me, that was creating again – so I guess I’m really thankful.



What’s your work influenced by?

I guess it’s those special moments in life where time seems to stand still. I always call it your state of flow or moment of bliss. Those moments in my life are the happiest moments – being completely in the moment – no past, no future – being enganged in that singular moment. Those moments usually occur when I’m doing sports – surfing, mountainbiking or snowboarding. In my illustrations, I try to create that moment in time. It has this feeling of surrealism, I aim for a dreamy vide. I really want to capture the beauty of life.



What do you hope to give people besides the actual prints?

To inspire them to get out there and have those moments! To remind them of the special moments they had once or the feelings they want to have one day. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with sports – I hope it just reminds people of something they’re passionate about. That’s what gives me so much energy – inspiring people to go out and live! I had to learn that lesson at a young age, knowing how short life can be. My mom had cancer while I was growing up and we never knew how long she would live. She was a warrior and a fighter and ended up living a lot longer than she was supposed to. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was fifteen but the lessons she taught me remain. I got to see how precious and special this life is, there’s no one in the world who appreciated life like she did. It was hard but beautiful at the same time, that’s what I want to show people.


What are you most proud of so far?

As far as achievements go – I was able to be featured in a couple of magazines that I admire a lot.
When I hear back from people that I have inspired them – it’s those moments that I’m proud of, being able to make a small difference in someone’s life with the work I do, that’s something special.



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Pics/work – Trev Studio
December 2020