“We want to build the global community building a sustainable future.”


Becoming aware of what’s happening to our planet while watching free documentaries and films. Sounds good right? WaterBear recently launched their interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. Not only are you able to watch all the footage for free,¬† WaterBear will try to take action together with you, the viewer. We wanted to know more about what inspired WaterBear to start a platform that is set to change lives.


Who founded WaterBear and what inspired them to do so?

Ellen is the founder and CEO of WaterBear Network, the new interactive video-on-demand platform dedicated to storytelling around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. WaterBear is already partnered with over 80 global NGO’s and is currently available in eight countries. Prior to founding WaterBear, Ellen was and still is CEO of Off the Fence, a global nonfiction production and distribution company based in Amsterdam.¬† Under her leadership Off the Fence acquired, produced, and co-produced over 6,000 hours of content including their latest multi award-winning feature documentary MY OCTOPUS TEACHER, a Netflix Original.

How do you select the documentaries and films you show?

WaterBear both produces its own content – WaterBear Originals and Impact Productions as well as acquires content and develops co productions with partners. All content on WaterBear is character led and solutions-driven, with clear call to actions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Is there a specific target audience WaterBear is aiming for?

Yes – as a primary audience, WaterBear targets 16-34 year olds; the semi-conscious gen Z’s and millennials. But WaterBear also targets anyone that cares about our beautiful planet and the NGO’s making a difference on the ground.



Waterbear is already a succes in raising awareness.
How do you measure the impact of the projects that you feature?

Many of our WaterBear Originals will have impact campaigns attached to them. We already have an impact campaign running currently – My Wild Teacher¬†– and there will be many more to come. We hope to use storytelling to move the needle on big systemic issues the world faces and we’re looking forward to the challenge!

Waterbear was launched last month. What do you hope to
accomplish in the next five years?

At WaterBear, we want to build the global community building a sustainable future; and to become the one consolidated go-to place for the next generation of storytellers, filmmakers and good citizens to find their passion and work to protect it.


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January 2021