“When you check in, your ego checks out.”

Check-In Cards

Most days are packed and there are rarely any moments where we really take the time to reflect on what we’re actually doing. Bente and Edith believed something could be done to have more conscious moments throughout the day. They created the Check-In Cards – 45 beautifully designed cards to see how you’re doing. To not check your social media for once, but yourself – to be completely in the moment. Bente and Edith tell us their story.


What inspired you to create the Check-In Cards?

Check-in Cards is an expression of what connects us, Bente Heijtel and Edith Horsting, more than anything: our deeply rooted interest in consciousness development and the appeal to inner wisdom. Over the past 10 years, we have developed and facilitated (personal) leadership programs and individual development programs.

We realized that it was essential to teach people how to check in with themselves throughout the day. Because the secret of our future, our happiness and our growth is hidden in the daily alignment with ourselves. You can gain such beautiful insights in books, workshops or during conversations, ultimately you want to be able to make adjustments yourself throughout the day. Our days are packed and it is a great challenge to see beyond the surface of our existence. Check-in moments with your inner world are necessary for this.



“The real conversation with yourself” is something we never learned. But how do you actually fill in such a moment, when you finally have some free time in your agenda? We now know how to find ways to relax. But a concrete compass that helps you to stay tuned throughout the day and to tap into your inner wisdom, was not there yet. This is how Check-in Cards were created: 45 different themed cards that inspire you to check-in with yourself at any time.


In what way can people benefit from your cards, what will it give them?

The 45 Check-in Cards all have their own theme. You can choose in the moment which one appeals to you the most. For example, there is Perfectionism, Letting Go, Energetic or Consciousness. The cards help you to ask yourself the right questions. You learn to approach situations differently and consciously give direction to your life. By using the cards you will be less carried away by all the ‘noise’ that come your way every day and you will experience more direction, satisfaction and energy.



What’s your mission?

Our mission is to inspire people to make checking in a daily habit; that, in a manner of speaking, we check in with ourselves just as often as on social media. We have so much more influence and power when we make heart-based and inspired choices. That’s really what the world and everyones’ deepest core needs right now. With Check-in Cards we can now offer people the tools to do this.



What are you most proud of so far?

We have been live since October 1st and we have already received so many grateful reactions from so many different people. For us it is the confirmation that we ourselves have listened very carefully from within to what wanted to be lived by us 🙂


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Pics – Check-In Cards
February 2021